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Atn Smile Acapulco we love making our Patients feel like they’re Home. We have earned the trust of more than 2,500 Patients both local and international during our 13 years in business. Our mission is to provide our Patients with the best dental care at the best price while promoting Dental Prevention with great dental habits.
Among our services, we provide care for Root Canals (Endodontics), Fillings for Cavities (General Dentistry) and Dental Implants and Crowns (Prosthetics).

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  • I am from the Seattle, Washington USA area. I desired to find a good dentist while I was going to a convention in Acapulco.The dentist's office was neat and modern. They did not try to oversell me on unnecessary procedures. They were thorough and gentle. Thank You Smile Acapulco.
  • The entire office was wonderful. The savings in dental cost compared to the US more than paid for my trip. Highly recommended!
  • I just had THE BEST dentist experience I've EVER had in my entire life in Acapulco, Mexico! I can’t possibly recommend Smile Acapulco and Dr. Iliana Bello enough and I’m actually really excited to go back to have all the work I need completed!
  • My wife and I had dental work done here. We had fillings, teeth cleanings and x-rays done.We highly recommend this dentist. She not only was a supurb dentist, she was also very attentive and kind. We would attend again. From Canada.
    Was visiting Acapulco on vacation from US , two days into the trip and one tooth started aching . Found them on Google and decided to give them a shot. Got one tooth fixed and deep cleaning. Affordable experienced, friendly, clean  Thanks Smile Acapulco!
    Terrific, fast and professional service from a bilingual dentist. Would highly recommend to expats and vacationers alike! Very fair pricing as well

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January 18, 2019

Anarchapulco 2019: Your Smile Unchained

Anarchapulco 2019 - Your Smile Unchained. Get excellent dental work at a fraction of what you'd pay in the US/Canada. All major Cryptos accepted!
July 25, 2018

Gum Disease Can Delay Orthodontic Treatment

Recent studies estimate about half of all adults have some form of gum disease. Shocking, isn’t it? And if you're in an Orthodontic Treatment, it can be delayed until you take care of your gums.
July 24, 2018

How Orthodontics Can Help With Sleep Apnea

Feeling a bit tired at times during the day is completely normal, even with a good night’s sleep. Some people, however, struggle every night for a restful sleep, especially those with sleep apnea.

All major Cryptocurrencies accepted.